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Domestic Projects-Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd.

HUNAN ChenZhou Mining Co.,Ltd which was ministry of metallurgical industry—Western Hunan Gold ore before, has over 130 years gold mining history. Chenzhou headquarters-Woxi ore district is one of early domestic main gold production bases, one of ten domestic gold ore developping companies, second antimony ore developping company in the whole world, and domestic main tungsten ore developping company. Today, technology & society booms. As well, communication in working of Chenzhou Mining Co.,ltd becomes multimedialization, networking, automatization, convenience, efficiency. They require better solution between communications of business negotiation, transmitting orders, working dispatching, data monitoring. Not only voice which can not satisfy modern conference’s requirements, but also large numbers of timely mutil media information, same as audio, photos, images, datas etc.This project is a upgrade of Chenzhou Mining Co.,Ltd. For adding signal sources, audio/ video displaying and transmitting simultaneously, recording of audio/video, important events’ voting of directorate, remote video conference with higher-authorities or associate organization, Restmoment’s products are designed as following features:

1.  Practicability

To meet the requirements of multifunctions conference maximum, put the management of Chenzhou Minging Co.,ltd as the first consideration. Adopting video, voting integration wire embbed conference unit and 2.4G wireless mobile conference units, through programmable center control system, operate the whole conference on wireless touch screen simply.

2.  Uniqueness

It perfectly combines original wireless 2.4G all digital video conference and wire all digital video, voting conference. 2.4G wireless conference technology, whose frenquency range is between 2.405GHz and 2.485GHz (Science, medication, agriculture). Different as before wireless technology, its working mode is full-duplex transmissions which has absolute advantage on anti-interference performance, also remote transmission. 2.4GHz is more and more important. There are 3 reasons: first, it is a global frequency range, so 2.4G wireless conference system can be used in the whole world. Second, Its whole frequency width is better than other ISM frequency range, improving whole data transmission speed and allowing systems coexistence; Three, small volume. 2.4GHz wireless equipments have small volume. Supporting point to point & point to points multiple transmission modes; Many standby frequency range ( 125 frequency ranges are optional configuration); Avoiding interference frequency; Meeting the requirements of multifrequency & frequency hopping; Different protocol coding for each set of product; Using multiple sets of products under same circumstance without string frequency and outside interference.

3.  Exensible and Maintainability

Reserved space for later updating; Exensible 2.4G wireless voting system; Compatible with exist voting system; System maintenance has high range during the whole system life. So we fully consider the reasonable designing and maintenance the system in short time.

4.  Economy

Guaranteeing the system advanced, reliable, high cost performance, through optimizing designing, the whole system is the most economic.

Thus, the detail arrangement and function is: Adopts embbed RX-2362, voting integrated conference units on chairman and middle table, which are used for all directors conference & remote video/ voting; Adopts 2.4G all digital wireless RX-2863 series conference units on sides, which are used for fluid type discussion. It combines Restmoment wire & wireless conference units perfectly. Install 5 Restmoment RX-TV320 cameras to video trace all conference units automatically, also it has original 8X4 panorama switching function.There are computer & multiple audio/video input/output equipments in the modern conference facility. Operator should control all of them, as well as switch signals, control light, lift, electric screen and curtains.Adopts Restmoment RX-8000 series programmable control system to centralize multiple signals’ outputs and all the operations on a touch screen control interface. Through visual control interface, operator controls the complex conference equipments & environment easily. During the meeting, all the leaders fully commend the stability and convenience of Restmoment All Digital conference system.

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