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Domestic Projects-Restmoment supports the nineteenth high-tech fair

       The 19th Hi-tech Fair is open in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 16, 2017. The China Hi-tech Forum revolves closely around the theme of "Focusing on Innovation-driven and Enhancing Supply" at the 19th China Hi-tech Fair. Uphold close scientific and technological economic hot spots, to show the high-tech fair "technology vane", "industry vane" and "innovation vane" brand function. And the exhibition and event related to the fair will be further matched with the principles of fusion. High-ranking foreign officials, academicians, scientists, economists, top domestic and foreign leaders in science and technology and famous entrepreneurs will be invited to participate in this forum. The Forum has become a high-end platform that fully reveals future technological innovation trends and interprets the theme of this year's fair. Restmoment electronics provided more than 400 sets of Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system for this Hi-tech fiar.

       As an important part of the Hi-tech Fair, China Hi-tech Forum has attracted much attention due to the high standards and authority of the speakers. When Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier of the State Council of China, then Vice Chairman of NPC Zhou Guangzhao and 14 Nobel Prize winners More than 100 senior officials above the ministerial level of the Chinese and foreign governments, more than 400 multinational CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life attended the forums and delivered keynote speeches, fully demonstrating the latest cutting-edge developments in the fields of science, technology and finance in the world. And the trend of thought have become an important platform for bringing together the latest developments in science and technology and economy in both the West and China.
       2017 is the deepening year for the 13th Five-Year Plan and the structural reform on the supply side. It is also a crucial year for the country to vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy. The forum will focus on supply-side reform, capital and innovation, the future development and application of science and technology topics discussed. The forum will be divided into the opening forum, the theme forum for innovation and upgrading of supply, the theme forum for innovation and future technology, the theme forum for changing science and technology and the future science and technology summit.

       Restmoment digital high-end conference controller is the core part of Restmoment ADCS conference system. It is an important bridge to realize the interworking between the conference unit and the PC management software function module, which can focus on the discussion, automatic video tracking and conference recording Control.
       Restmoment all digital cable embedded units RX-6600 series, using Restmoment original full digital conference technology, comply with IEC60914 international standards, high fidelity sound quality, all-digital audio processing and transmission technology, point-to-point access, long-distance transmission of sound quality will not Decay, the distance between devices up to 150 meters. With "Distributor box hand in hand" and "ring hand in hand" a variety of connections. With conference management software can be more value-added features to make the operation easier, more efficient and more humane.

       Restmoment Electronics thanks customer’s trust and support. In the era of rapid development of science and technology, Restmoment Electronics innovation and development will be on the road to a higher level.

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